Craig Eason

Craig Eason

Editorial Director
Fathom World
Craig Eason

Craig Eason is a journalist, editor, event moderator and public speaker.

He has recently been involved in the development of the Opening Oceans Conference on behalf of Nor-Shipping, an event which took/takes place a week before the World Maritime University Global Ocean Conference.


OOC has been developed to examine the objective steps that the incumbent and emerging ocean sectors need to evolve, and collaborate, to achieve the sustainable goals expected of them.

Mr Eason is also the editorial director of Fathom News, a leading provider of news and information relating to the changes in the maritime sector.

He is one of the leading journalists in the global maritime industries and has achieved exceptional engagement across the breadth and depth of understanding with a particular focus on the operational, technical and regulatory trends that are driving change.

Formerly Deputy Editor of Lloyd’s List, Mr Eason started his career at sea serving as a navigation officer for 10 years. During this time he also went to university,  trained and subsequently worked as a BBC broadcast journalist in the UK.